• KC9ZAR Washington IN 443.225+  107.2 pl
  • W9EOC Vincennes IN 146.670-  91.5 pl
  • W9HD “Shawnee" Bloomfield IN 147.240+  103.5 pl
  • KC9BUH Patoka Lake "simplex"  147.585  107.2 pl
  • WA9IN Washington 147.315+  107.2 pl 
  • IRLP STN-4365 (KC9ZAR) connected to REF-9200 95% of the time with the following repeaters.​
  1. K9IP Indianapolis IN 443.425+  94.8 pl
  2. K9DC Indianaplois IN 147.315+  94.8 pl
  3. WA4GDU Henderson KY 444.725+ 82.5
  4. ​And any other system world wide that would like to join IRLP ref9200. Everyone is welcome!


When the net is active we disconect from the REF-9200 and move to REF-9735. This allows Echolink users to join. Please use on 9735 or *CROSSRDS* 

The KC9ZAR repeater system started as a few friends KC9HTC, KC9ZAP, and KC9ZAR that wanted to build a repeater with coverage for the Daviess county area here in Washington Indiana. We started with a loaner from KB9LOW it was a Kenwood TKR-820 UHF, KC9ZAP had the tower that wasn’t being used. After receiving my IRC coordination of 443.225 the KC9ZAR Repeater was born. After about a year on the air we had the opportunity to expand by linking to the W9HD “Shawnee Repeater” located in Cincinnati Indiana. Then came the W9EOC “67” repeater located in Vincennes Indiana. KC9BUH has added a cross band system located in the Patoka Lake area. The complete system is equipped with a battery backup, IRLP, EchoLink, NOAA Weather radio notifying operators of severe weather conditions. We encourage rag crew and our users are courteous of others, all FCC rules are followed. Don’t forget that Thursday 8:00pm EST we operate a wide area net, please stop by and say hello.

KC9ZAR Linked Repeater System

The KC9ZAR linked repeater system is not a club with annual membership that collects dues that are required to operate. We do things a little different!!  We are just a few hams that have built and maintain amateur repeater systems in the southern Indiana area for ourselves and other fellow ham radio operators. Our repeaters have EchoLink & IRLP for those wanting these types of operations.  In the past, I have been asked if we would accept donations. With that being said, I have added a Donation link below. If you would like to make a donation (NOT REQUIRED) we will be glad to accept your donation.

All donation will be used for insurance, tower lease, maintenance, improvements, and internet services.

Thank You,


APRS Digipeater


APRS Digipeater

Net Thursday  8:00 pm EST 

Repeater system is linked to the WA9IN 2M repeater for the Daviess County ARC wide area weekly net.
Please join us, ALL amateurs welcome!​

Please use:   IRLP 9735.   EchoLink 9735   or conference *CROSSRDS*

W9EOC "67"

How it all started

KC9ZAR Linked Repeater System


APRS Digipeater



KC9ZAR = ​ stn4365