• DCARC NET39:50


  • KC9ZAR Washington IN 443.225+  107.2 pl
  • W9EOC Vincennes IN 146.670-  91.5 pl
  • W9HD “Shawnee" Bloomfield IN 147.240+  103.5 pl
  • KC9BUH Patoka Lake "simplex"  147.585  107.2 pl
  • WA9IN Washington 147.315+  107.2 pl

IRLP STN-4365 (KC9ZAR) connected to REF-9200 95% of the time with the following repeaters. ​


  • K9IP Indianapolis IN 443.425+  94.8 pl
  • K9DC Indianapolis IN 147.315+  94.8 pl
  • WA4GDU Henderson KY 444.725+ 82.5

​And any other system worldwide that would like to join IRLP ref9200. Everyone is welcome!


 When the net is active we disconnect from the REF-9200 and move to REF-9735. This allows Echolink users to join. Please use on 9735 or *CROSSRDS*

Thank you for your interest in our WIDE AREA NET. The net starts weekly on Thursday at 8 pm Eastern Standard. This net is conducted by local operators from the Daviess County ARC.  All amateurs are invited to stop by and check-in. The net currently averages around 20-30 check-in a week. Tell all your ham buddy’s and let’s push this number up to 50 a week. The net is on many repeaters, IRLP, and EchoLink, please see the list below.

If you have any question or comments concerning the net please send an email. We would love to hear from you with suggestion to improve our net.