• Kenwood TS-850S
  • Heathkit SB-220
  • Palstar AT2K antenna tuner
  • TH-11DX Super Thunderbird antenna
  • Cushcraft D-4 rotatable dipole
  • 80m OCF dipole
  • Rohn 55' crank up tower
  • Behringer audio gear
KC9ZAR Shack

13 Colonies Special Event 2017 started and I was on the air with KD9GVT (Dale) by my side. The first hour went great all 13 plus WM3PEN.  After hours and days of listening to NOISE, NOISE, and more NOISE there was a band shift and GB13COL was confirmed with 2 hours to spare.  Yep in the log and 2017 clean sweep will hang on the wall with previous years.

The muted parts are me transmitting took 4 calls.

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  • GB13COL 20171:10