ILS Net Script



  • Good evening and welcome to this Wide Area Net conducted each Thursday at 8 PM Eastern time.
  • My name is ______.  My call sign is _____.  I am located in Washington Indiana and I will be acting as Net Control.
  • This is a linked system of Digital repeaters and nodes from all over. 
  • More information about this system can be found at INDIANALINKSOUTH.COM.  We would appreciate any suggestions or comments. 
  • Please “LIKE” us on faceBook at “KC9ZAR REPEATER SYSTEM”  Don't forget to leave a comment.
  • Now, I would like to pause for any priority or emergency traffic. (PAUSE, PAUSE, PAUSE)
  • The purpose of this net is to promote fellowship, education, and emergency communication practice for amateur radio operators.
  • Please remember that with a linked system you must allow time for all the links to function. Transmit, pause, then talk.
  • Please feel free to join this network in our Wires-X room. Room # 43844 or look for “INDIANA LINK SO” from the list.
  • I will begin by taking 3 check-ins. Stop and acknowledge those check-in’s.  Etc.
  • At this time, I’ll take 3 check-ins without traffic for the net.  CALL NOW.

After three stations identify, welcome them back and ask if they have any comments for the net.

Continue calling for additional check-ins, three at a time.

  • "OK, now any station that we missed wishing to check in to the net, please call now."
  • At this time we have a few announcements.

(Give any announcements that are current). From any source or, ARRL news, ect

  • Are there any other announcements or bulletins from any stations on the net?

After announcements, ask if there is any other check-ins for the net.

[if not]

  • This is ______ concluding this session of this wide area net conducted by Amateur Radio Operators from all over the world.
  • "Please plan to check in next Thursday night at 8:00 pm Eastern time 00:00 UTC for the next wide area net.
  •  We would love to hear your Comments, questions, and or suggestions at INDIANALINKSOUTH.COM. and/or on facebook.
  • I am now returning the repeaters to normal amateur use.

73 and thank you for checking in to our wide area net. ________ clear.