ILS Net Script


Good evening, welcome to this Wide Area Net conducted each Thursday at 8 PM Eastern time.

My name is ______.  My call sign is _____.  I am located in _______ and I will be acting as Net Control.

This is a linked system of repeaters located in the following cities in Indiana, Bloomfield, Washington, Vincennes, Paxton, Evansville and Henderson Kentucky. Worldwide on the IRLP network at experimental reflector zero, zero, eight, zero (0080) & Echolink at KC9ZAR-R.

(unkey, let repeaters drop)

More information about this system can be found at www.IndianaLinkSouth.COM. We would appreciate your suggestion and comments.

Now, I would like to pause for any priority or emergency traffic. 

(unkey, let repeaters drop, pause, pause)

  • The purpose of this net is to promote fellowship, education, and emergency communication practice for amateur radio operators.

Please remember that with a linked system you must allow time for all the links to function. Transmit, pause, then talk.

  • If you would like for your repeater to join this system or net email

(unkey, let repeaters drop)

At this time, I’ll take SHORT TIME check-ins WITHOUT traffic for the net.  This means that you are on limited time and cannot stay for the net. SHORT TIME ONLY call now.

(unkey, let repeaters drop) (after one or two rounds stop taking short time)

I will begin by taking 3 check-ins. Stop and acknowledge those check-in’s.  Etc.

(After three stations identify, welcome them back and ask if they have any comments for the net.)

(Continue calling for additional check-ins, three at a time.)

“OK, now any station that we missed wishing to check in to the net, please call now.”

(unkey, let repeaters drop)

At this time we have a few announcements.

(Give any announcements that are current). From any source or, ARRL news, ect)

Are there any other announcements or bulletins from any stations on the net?

(After announcements, ask if there is any other check-ins for the net.)

[if not]

This is ______ concluding this session of this wide area net conducted by Amateur Radio Operators from all over the world.

“Please plan to check in next Thursday night at 8:00 pm Eastern time 00:00 UTC for the next wide area net.

  • We would love to hear your Comments, question, and or suggestion at KC9ZAR.COM.

I am now returning the repeaters to normal amateur.  73 and thank you for checking in to our wide area net. ________ clear.”