Indiana Link South

ILS Wide Area Net – Thursday 8pm currently FM only

NET SCRIPTClick to follow net script

The purpose of this net is to promote fellowship, education, and emergency communication practice for amateur radio operators.

Please remember that with a linked system you must allow time for all the links to function. Transmit, pause, then talk.


What is c4fm? The introduction of C4FM / FDMA technology is the beginning of a new digital communication system in Amateur Radio world. The most attractive advantage of digital communication is the ability to transfer large amounts of data. … This mode is the basic mode of C4FM FDMA Digital HAM radio system.

What is fusion in ham radio? System Fusion Mostly referred to as Fusion is the newest digital radio mode. … It can also transcode an incoming digital signal to analog or an incoming analog to digital or it can transmit what it receives, no matter if it is digital or analog. Yaesu offered a special price to radio clubs and groups. Feb 19, 2016