Burnt Prairie Illinois - W9KXP147.330-
Evansville Indiana - KC9ZAR-EVV443.350+
Evansville Indiana - W9KXP146.835-
Henderson Kentucky - W4IDJ446.900 simplex
Linton Indiana - KA9JOK145.170-
Newburg Indiana - KA9VKO145.430
Patoka Lake Indiana - KC9BUH145.370-
Paxton Indiana - KC9ZAR-PAX146.925-
Princeton Indiana - KB9NEJ145.410-
Vincennes Indiana - KC9ZAR-VIN443.925+
Washington Indiana - KC9ZAR-WAS443.225+
Linton Indiana - KC9ZAR-LIN444.425+

ILS Wide Area Net – Tuesday 8pm currently C4FM only (Yaesu Digital)

NET SCRIPTClick to follow net script

The purpose of this net is to promote fellowship, education, and emergency communication practice for amateur radio operators.

Please remember that with a linked system you must allow time for all the links to function. Transmit, pause, then talk.